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  A company introduction
  Sino Swiss (Tianjin) Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture jointly established by Tianjin Environmental Protection Research Institute and Swedish Environmental Technology Research Institute. The Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Science Research Institute under the Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Tianjin city is the only city comprehensive environmental research and service agencies, has has a class of environmental engineering design special qualification, municipal industry (Drainage Engineering) professional design qualification B, grade a engineering consulting qualification, operation of environmental pollution control facilities (industrial waste water and life sewage) qualification. The company was founded in September 18, 2001 on the strength of Tianjin ring Academy. It is mainly engaged in technology development and technology transfer of new materials and new products in environmental technology, energy technology and environmental protection, and provides technical consulting and engineering design services for construction projects.
  The main service of our company:
  • undertake consulting services for environmental technology transfer projects.
  To carry out sales promotion, operation and maintenance service of advanced environmental protection technology and equipment at home and abroad
  To find appropriate partners for overseas companies to carry out supporting production in China.
  To undertake technical consulting and design work in environmental engineering projects.
  • the preparation of a report on the environmental impact assessment of construction projects
  • the Swedish Academy of Environmental Sciences and the Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences jointly apply for the "EU project" to provide more opportunities for international cooperation and advanced technology research and development.
  Through its own development, the company has many advanced international environmental technology and ancillary equipment, including sewage treatment, exhaust gas purification, flue gas denitrification, water conservation, soil remediation, sludge anaerobic biogas production, and many other fields.
  The company will make full use of and rely on information resources, technology resources and human resources of Tianjin Academy of environmental protection and Swedish Environmental Technology Research Institute to complete the above tasks.
  We treat every friend sincerely and honestly. We treat every project with a glimmer of quality. We demonstrate our ability with high quality work and do our best for the improvement of human environment.