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  The Swedish Academy of environmental studies was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Stockholm, the capital. It is one of Europe's most qualified environmental institutions in Goteborg and Stockholm, established an Napo tower research center and a certified laboratory, is one of Europe's most qualified agencies, it is the capital of Thailand Bangkok representative office. The board of IVL consists of the Swedish National Energy Board (Vattenfall), the Angpanneforgeningens research and Development Fund (Aforsk) and the Swedish Academy of Environmental Sciences (SIVL). IVL is also a member of IRIS (an organization representing the Swedish Industrial Research Institute), EurAqua and Enero (the organization of two European environmental research institutions).
  The main field of research
  Life cycle assessment of tropospheric ozone
  Multilateral environmental strategic metals
  Organic synthesis of transportation system in favor of environment
  Environmental biotechnology for environmental energy systems
  Forestry and agricultural waste treatment technology
  The technology for the environment suitable for the environment
  Global greenhouse gas Sustainable Cities
  Acid rain EU detection technology