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  The Tianjin Institute of environmental protection, founded in 1975, is the only municipal comprehensive environmental scientific research and service institution in our city. In 2011, the Municipal Committee of the municipal government approved the approval of the 2 menstrual period and hung up the brand of the Tianjin Environmental Planning Institute. At present, it has developed into a comprehensive technical advisory and technical support unit for all levels of government, NDRC, trusted Committee, environmental protection bureau and other sectors, enterprises and society.
  Over the years, the science and technology development and application promotion, the preparation of the city, regional, watershed and special planning, environmental impact assessment, environmental management, cleaner production audit, energy audit and other consulting services for the city's energy-saving emission reduction and eco city construction, circular economy and low carbon development provides technical support, talent team construction and research continued strength.
  There are 247 in-service and external personnel in the whole hospital, including 15 professors at the high level, 15 doctoral candidates and 66 postdoctoral candidates. The first post doctoral research workstation of the national environmental protection system and the training point for doctoral and master's students were built. With the State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of odor pollution control, national hazardous waste treatment and disposal engineering technology center, water pollution control committee Chinese environmental protection industry association and the Tianjin City odor pollution control technology engineering center, Tianjin air pollution control laboratory and other research and development platform, 29 scientific research and management department. We are applying for the establishment of the Tianjin Research Center for low carbon development.
  "11th Five-Year" has been responsible for the "863", "water project", national public scientific research projects of national and provincial major scientific and technological projects of more than 60; to complete the "Tianjin eco city construction plan", "Tianjin city climate change and low carbon development" 12th Five-Year "planning", "Tianjin city" in 12th Five-Year "the main pollutant control plan" and other major technical support more than 200 projects; completion of environmental impact assessment, cleaner production audit and energy audit of technical advisory services to undertake 1000 projects; noise control of sewage treatment, waste gas, dust and other large pollution control projects of more than 150. It provides long-term, stable and efficient technical support for the management and technology needs of the government and the society.